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201 Green StreetBridgewater, Virginia  22812

The Industrial Development Authority is composed of seven members appointed by the Mayor to four-year terms.  This Authority was formed according to Chapter 33, Title 15.1 of the Code of Virginia.  Their purpose is to oversee the issuance of bonds that will aid in the economic development of the town and surrounding area.  They issue bonds on behalf of an industry, college, or non-profit organization to allow them the benefit of our tax-exempt status.  The process of issuing such a bond is highly complex requiring specialized legal assistance to guide the IDA through the process.  An oath of office is required for this position. 

Advisor & Recording Secretary:  Alexander M. Wilmer, Town Paralegal

Jason T. Burkholder 501 North River Road (540) 828-0754
Debbie Byerly 607 College View Drive None
Wesley W. Griffin 212-B Holly Hill Drive (540) 828-0243
James "Dick" Harper 4 Richard Court       None
Jane Z. Fulk 112 South Pope Street  (540) 828-3102
Larry Elkins     316 North Main Street (540) 641-2668
Stephanie Curtis 121-A Mt. Crawford Avenue  None

See Title Nine - Industrial Development Authority of the Town's Ordinances and §15.1-1373 of the Code of Virginia for more information concerning the duties of the Industrial Development Authority.