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Doug Will Tennis Center

General Information
The Doug Will Tennis Center, located in Harrison Park (301 Grove Street), is an indoor tennis and pickleball facility with two hard surface courts. Court use is available to Tennis Members and B-Rec card holders.  Reservations, membership renewal, or adding a tennis membership to an existing B-Rec membership may be done by following the link for Community Pass, calling B-Connected at (540) 908-4212, or by stopping by the Bridgewater Community Center (M-F 8:30-5).
  Doug Will Tennis Center Membership Changes
Effective July 1, 2022, we will no longer accept new non-resident tennis memberships.  This policy will not affect your membership unless you allow it to lapse for more than 6 months. Non-resident non-members are still welcome to utilize the tennis center as guests with a resident or member but must pay via the honor box. The guest rate is $8.00 per person per hour if playing singles or $4.00 per person per hour if playing doubles. 

November Tennis Clinics

The mission of Baseline Tennis Clinics is to progressively introduce tennis to youngsters, through age appropriate equipment and activities. The group lessons are geared toward beginning and intermediate players who are currently in third through eighth grades.

Karen Clark, varsity girls’ tennis coach at Turner Ashby High school, directs the clinics. Members of girls’ and boys’ tennis teams assist with the clinics which are held at the Doug Will Tennis Center in Bridgewater.

Elementary School Clinics

Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays, November 8,10,15,17 

Time: Group 1 6:00-7:00pm

This group is for 3rd -5th grade students who are learning the game or who have never picked up a racket. Spending a lot of time on basic athletic skills like catching, running, shuffling, jumping, and tossing, we employ United States Tennis Association (USTA) red ball strategies. Slowly, we introduce basic hitting and receiving the slower and bigger red ball, in the smaller red ball court with a lower net. The goal is to move them to orange ball, on the bigger court. Admittedly, rising to that level requires time and patience. As much as possible, we differentiate skill levels on two courts.

Middle School/9th Grade Clinics:

Dates: Wednesdays and Fridays, November 9,11,16,18

Time:   Group 2- (Beginner) 5:00-6:00pm

Group 3 – (Intermediate) 6:15-7:30pm.

Group 2 – This group is for 6th-9th graders who are learning the game or who have never picked up a racket. Focusing on proper stroke technique, we start players with the slower USTA orange ball system, hoping they can learn to rally consistently. Admittedly, rising to that level requires time and patience! The goal is to build skill and confidence so these players can join the intermediate group. This group is a much slower pace than group 2 (intermediate) and we try to differentiate skill levels on the two courts.

Group 3 – This group is open to 6th-9th graders. Most of the players have taken previous clinics and/or lessons with us or with someone else. Generally, these players can consistently rally yellow balls. The goal of the clinics is to further develop all the stroke techniques. Additionally, we play a lot of games/drills to build on consistency and game strategies. There is little differentiating of skill levels during these sessions.

Cost -

$40 B-Rec Members

$45 non B-Rec Members

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