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Roscoe Burgess Riverwalk

The Roscoe Burgess Riverwalk connects four of our parks: Edgebriar, Seven Bridges, the Bird Sanctuary, and Bridgeview. Riverwalk takes residents on a scenic stroll along the North River. Extensions of Riverwalk further along the North River are planned for the future!

Edgebriar Park
101 East Riverside Drive
0.24 acres

Edgebriar Park is a pocket park located next to North River on East Riverside Drive. In 2007 this park received a major makeover, including the addition of a handicap-accessible fishing pier overlooking the river and backgammon or chess inlaid game tables sitting near the river’s edge. Strategically placed benches face either the river or the double-water garden pond with a waterfall. The combination of these facilities creates an atmosphere suitable for reflection and relaxation.

Seven Bridges Park
201 S. Grove Street
2.23 acres
Reserve a park gazebo

This park at the south end of town on Main Street has a gazebo as well as bench swings overlooking the river. A kayak boat launch allows easy access into the North River. Commemorative signs tell the story of some of Bridgewater’s history during the Civil War. 

Bird Sanctuary
211 West Riverside Drive
0.75 acres

Bird watchers will enjoy this quiet, secluded spot tucked behind a few houses on West Riverside Drive. Trees and shrubs provide shelter for a variety of our feathered friends, and a bench on North River’s bank offers a splendid view of North River.

Bridgeview Park
220 W. Bank Street
2.58 acres

Located between 214 and 300 West Bank Street and bordering North River, the special feature of this park is the quarter-mile fitness walking trail. At various points along the way are 18 exercise stations. In addition there are a children’s fitness center, riverfront bench swings, and benches. 

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