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Bridgewater is constantly buzzing with activity, and we like to get information to you in a timely fashion.  Learn more about our publications and how to receive them below!
The Current - A Monthly Newsletter Mailed to Your Door
What should I look for in The Current?

A regular publication prepared by Town staff and sent straight to your mailbox, containing updates on upcoming events, policy changes, the movie schedules, and our Town Manager’s ever-popular Y-Column.  

How do I sign up?
No need to sign up for anything—this one will arrive in your mailbox from the post office!
Where I can catch up on the current (or older) issues?
You can find previous issues in our online archive.
The Buzz - Daily News Emailed Directly to You!
What will I find in the Buzz?
The Bridgewater Buzz is daily news email about something going on in town.  From seasonal events like the Christmas Parade or Eve of Independence celebration to movies and performances at Sipe Center, from updates on town projects and services to our Council packet with all the information about what will be discussed at the monthly Town Council meeting, and everything in between, you will find it all in the Buzz.  While we want to keep you informed, we also respect your time (and email inbox), so we send one or occasionally two messages a day.
How do I sign up?
You can stay informed by subscribing to the Buzz by email at bridgewater.buzz, calling us at (540) 908-4212, or letting us know when get your B-Rec Membership card!
Where can I find past Buzz posts?
You can search the complete history of the Buzz at bridgewater.buzz!
Voyent - Emergency Alerts
What is Voyent?
Voyent Alert! is an alert notification system that allows Town staff to send out important information in a timely manner to citizens by text message, e-mail, or recorded message (or all of the above). We can target alerts to specific streets and neighborhoods or send out an alert to everyone in town.
What kind of alerts do you send out?
We only send a few alerts out over the course of a year, but they are always important, time-sensitive messages.  We will let you know of hazardous conditions, potential dangers, and utility outages in your area.  We highly recommend that residents sign up to receive alerts through the app, by email, by text, and/or by phone as best suits them.
How do I sign up?
You can visit Voyent’s website to sign up for email or text alerts, or you can download and install the Voyent Alert! app on your smartphone through the Apple app store or Google Play. If you don’t have a smartphone or Internet access, we can add you to the Voyent Alert! system so you can receive phone alerts by cell phone or landline. Call (540) 908-4212 for assistance.