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Project Updates

Gen-Oak Connector – Gen Oak is the construction of a sidewalk on Liberty Street from Generations Park to Mt. Crawford Avenue, additional sidewalk on Mt. Crawford Avenue from Liberty Street to the North River Library, and a shared-use path from the library into Oakdale Park.  The project also creates a crosswalk across Mt. Crawford Avenue near its intersection with Naomi Lane. 
Status Update (09/15/2023):  Project completed!
Status Update (06/22/2023):  Construction is almost complete.
Status Update (04/25/2023):  VDOT authorization received and contract signed.  Project set to begin in mid-May.
Status Update (03/14/2023):  Project has been bid, awaiting VDOT approval to award. 

Status Update (02/01/2023):  Project open for bids; bids due February 28. 
Status Update (11/22/2022):  Awaiting authorization to bid.
Status Update (10/24/2022): Easement acquisition complete; awaiting authorization to bid.
Status Update (08/29/2022):  Wrapping up easement acquisition. 
Status Update (06/29/2022): 
Work almost complete on easement acquisition.
Status Update (05/02/2022):
  Work continues on easement acquisition. 
Status Update (03/16/2022)
:  Town attorney working on acquiring easements.
Status Update (01/06/2022):  Currently working on acquiring easements.

Gen Oak Connector, Phase II - Phase II of the Gen Oak Connector would continue the shared-use path into Oakdale Park, around the Oakdale Pond, and connect to Parkside Drive. 
Status Update (09/212023):  Drafting grant application for VDOT Transportation Alternatives Grant (due October 2, 2023).

Status Update (06/22/2023):  Water gator was launched June 9 and milfoiling is underway.

Millview Berm – The Millview berm is proposed to improve issues with drainage along several properties in the Millview subdivision.  Our Town engineer is reviewing these drainage issues to confirm that a berm will in fact improve the drainage issues along these lots.
Status Update (01/06/2022):  Town Engineer reviewing conceptual plans.

Oakdale Pond - The Oakdale Pond is to be built in Oakdale Park; its construction is intended to satisfy the Town's MS4/TMDL requirements for reducing sediment, phosphorus, and nitrogen.
Status Update (06/22/2023):  Project completed in May!
Status Update (04/25/2023):  Pond construction complete; pond being filled and vegetation being planted.
Status Update (03/14/2023):  Pond is under construction.
Status Update (01/12/2023):  Notice to Proceed issued to Commonwealth Excavating Company.
Status Update (12/27/2022):  Notice to Award issued to Commonwealth Excavating Company.
Status Update (11/10/2022):  Invitation to Bid posted; bids due December 2, 2022.

Riverwalk Phase II – Phase II of Riverwalk will extend Riverwalk west from the end of Phase I into and through Bridgeview Park, installing a crosswalk across West Bank Street. 
Status Update (09/21/2023):  Bid awarded to Partners Excavating; construction underway in first quarter of 2024.
Status Update (06/22/2023):  Advertisement to bid any day now; bids likely will be due late July.
Status Update (11/22/2022):  Awaiting VDOT authorization to bid project.
Status Update (06/30/2022):  Awaiting VDOT authorization to advertise the project for bids.
Status Update (06/03/2022):  Draft of bid documents almost complete, which will then be submitted to VDOT for approval before we advertise to bid.
Status Update (05/02/2022):  Town staff and engineer working on bid documents.
Status Update (03/16/2022)Engineer is working on finalizing the plans.
Status Update (01/06/2022):  VDOT will complete their 75% plan review by the end of January.    

Riverwalk Phase III - Phase III of Riverwalk will extend Riverwalk east from Edgebriar Park towards the intersection of East Riverside Drive and Hatcher Drive.  The Town applied for a Transportation Alternatives grant in October 2021 that would fund 80% of the costs for Riverwalk Phase III.
Status Update (06/22/2023):  Next step is to secure an engineer to design the project.
Status Update (11/22/2022):  Design work to begin in early 2023. 
Status Update (10/24/2022):  Signed agreement with VDOT; design work begins in 2023. 
Status Update (06/03/2022):  Funding for Phase III is in the draft VDOT Six-Year Plan which will be voted on and adopted by the Commonwealth Transportation Board in late June 2022. 

Southwestern Water Trunk – This project will install a new water line from the Water Treatment Plant to Holly Hill to improve residual water pressure in Holly Hill and in the 500 and 600 blocks of West Bank Street. 
Status Update (01/06/2022):  Town Engineer working on planning the path of the water line.

SWaT Meters – The Town has purchased and will install “radio-read” water meters to replace existing, older manual read water meters.
Status Update (06/22/2023):  About 50 meters remain to be replaced.
Status Update (03/23/2023):  Less than 65 meters remain to be replaced.
Status Update (05/02/2022):  Work continues on meter replacement; there are now 1,961 radio-read water meters installed across town. 
Status Update (03/16/2022):  Work is underway; 1,113 meters have been replaced.
Status Update (01/21/2022):  Due to the recent snows, the start of installation has been delayed.  We hope to begin installation week of January 24, weather permitting. 
Status Update (01/06/2022):  Water meters have been delivered, and work to install meters will begin the week of January 17. 

TA Crosswalk Project - Installation of crosswalk, pedestrian refuge, and crosswalk signals at intersection of Main and Turner Ashby Drive.
Status Update (09/01/2023):  Construction completed!
Status Update (06/22/2023):  Construction started June 21. 

Traffic Cabinet Upgrades - This will help synchronize stoplights between Turner Ashby High School and Mt. Crawford Avenue.
Status Update (06/22/2023):  TA cabinet installed on June 21. 
Status Update (04/25/2023):  New traffic cabinets installed at Oakwood Drive and Mt. Crawford Avenue.  TA cabinet to be installed in June.
Status Update (03/14/2023):  Equipment received, awaiting installation.
Status Update (11/22/2022):  Awaiting delivery and installation of equipment.
Status Update (10/24/2022):  Awaiting delivery of equipment; installation in early 2023.

Completed Projects (Archive)
Barbee Street Water Line
– The Barbee Street water line project will replace a water line serving Barbee Street and Barbee Circle, replacing an older line and ultimately improving water pressure in this neighborhood. 
Status Update (05/02/2022):  Project complete!
Status Update (03/16/2022):  Work is underway on the water line installation.  Individual hookups should begin soon.
Status Update (01/06/2022):  Construction set to begin in late January. 

Main Street Pedestrian Improvements Project
- This is a grant we received from VDOT to improve pedestrian safety along Main Street at its intersections with College Street, Dinkel Avenue, Mt. Crawford Avenue, and Oakwood Drive.  Most notably, this will replace existing crosswalk signals and install crosswalk signals at Oakwood Drive where we currently have none.
Status Update (04/25/2023):  Project completed!
Status Update (03/14/2023):  Installation underway.

Status Update (11/22/2022):  Awaiting delivery and installation of new equipment.
Status Update (08/29/2022):  Contract has been awarded to Richardson-Wayland, crosswalk signal equipment ordered.  
Status Update (06/29/2022): 
Project awarded to Richardson-Wayland, awaiting VDOT authorization to begin construction.
Status Update (06/03/2022): 
Two bids received; bid pending approval by VDOT and FHWA.
Status Update (05/02/2022):  Project is out to bid; bids are due on May 16. 
Status Update (03/16/2022)
:  VDOT is reviewing the final plans so we can bid the project in the next 60 days. 
Status Update (01/21/2022):  Town staff is currently drafting bid documents so we hope to bid this project by spring.  

North Main Street Corridor Improvements
– We call this project “DORM” as it will install a stoplight at the intersection of Dylan Circle-Old River Road-Main Street, along with a southbound turning lane on Main Street onto Old River Road.  The project will also close several entrances onto Main Street to improve traffic flow and install a crosswalk near the intersection of Main Street and Depot Street.
Status Update (09/15/2022):  Project complete!
Status Update (08/29/2022):  Installation of traffic signal complete!  Awaiting part to activate crosswalk signals. 
Status Update (06/29/2022): 
Installation of traffic signal, crosswalk signals, and traffic control cabinet underway.
Status Update (06/03/2022): 
Milling of the DORM intersection will be Sunday, June 5 from 6:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m.  Paving will be Monday, June 6 from 6:00 p.m.-6:00 a.m.
Status Update (05/02/2022):  Construction of turning lane is underway. 
Status Update (03/16/2022)
:  Work wrapping up on entrance closures; installation of turning lane begins in April.  
Status Update (01/21/2022):  Work on entrances has begun, although it's been slowed due to the recent snowfalls.  
Status Update (01/06/2022):  Contract awarded; work has begun on turning lane and closing of some Main Street entrances.