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201 Green StreetBridgewater, Virginia  22812

Residential Collection

When will Waste Management come to my house?
WM has divided the Town in half (effective November 15, 2021).  Your trash will be collected on Monday or Wednesday.  The map below illustrates the division.  All items must be placed at the curb no later than 6 a.m. on the day of collection. After collection, any carts used for trash should be removed no later than the evening of your collection day.


Our family produces a lot of trash.  What is the monthly fee for a second cart
Well, we figured that a second bin probably won’t cause most residents to throw away more stuff, so more residential bins won’t increase our landfill fees.  Thus, all we really need to do is cover what Waste Management charges us.  They’re charging us a monthly fee of $1.25 for each additional bin, so we just rounded it down to $1.00.

You can opt-in for a second cart at any time.  However, you can only opt-out during February and October.  If you want a second cart, complete this form and submit it to the Bridgewater Community Center (201 Green Street).

How will household trash and vegetation be collected?
Waste Management will provide residents with 96-gallon carts and provide a once-a-week collection of household trash and vegetation (combined).

Can I use my own trashcan or place a bag on the curbside for collection?
No, the automated arm of the truck can only lift and dump the carts provided by WM.

The 96-gallon cart is too large.  Do I have another option?
Yes, smaller carts are available upon request.  Waste Management has 64-gallon carts.  Call B-Connected at 540-908-4212 to request a smaller cart for your refuse needs. 

How can the elderly and disabled be expected to handle such large carts?
Backdoor Waste Collection Service is offered for households solely occupied by persons with physical limitations or disabilities. This door-to-truck service comes at no additional expense.  Call B-Connected at 540-908-4212 to sign up for this service.                                                                                        

Where do I place my cart for refuse collection?
Put your cart curbside in front of your home.  Please allow three feet of clearance between objects and your cart.  This allows the automated arm the space needed to grab and dump the cart. 

What if my trash is missed?
Please call the town office at 540-908-4212, and our B-Connected agent will point you in the right direction to get your questions answered. 

How do I report a damaged or stolen cart?
Again, you can call the town office at 540-908-4212.  

If I move out, what do I do with my cart?
Leave it at the residence for the next homeowner.  These carts are leased through Waste Management.